Testimonials – Best Customs Broker


Sean, I wanted to say thank you for all you do for us. I went ahead and asked the team for feedback and they were all very positive and thankful of you. I wanted to pass this on to you so that you know that you are doing a great job. I especially enjoy your prompt updates, accurate information and the fact that you are looking out for us. You simply do a great job and I would recommend your company. Well done and keep it up please!

Dear Team Gallagher, You re the most trusted Customs Broker I have ever engaged. Thank you for all your help, especially Sue, Diane and most of all Sean. Sean you are one of the best people I have ever worked with. You are on top of your game, all the time.  Thank you for all your patience and help.

Sean is always on top of everything and ALWAYS goes above and beyond what is “his job”.  There are things he does that he could very easily wait for me to do but he is always helping out to get the job done. He makes my job MUCH easier. I know I am not the only one here at Allied/SIRVA who feels this way but I wanted to be sure he receives the praise he deserves.  He is really an asset to Gallagher and I enjoy working with him.

Lycia is very professional and gives solutions fast. Same with Sue in documentation.

I have had a good experience working with Gallagher Transport.

Jan is my broker at Gallagher. Jan is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and keeps me updated in a timely manner. Jan makes my job so much easier and I truly appreciate her work ethic and commitment to excellence.

Working with Jan is always a positive experience. Jan responds quickly and is always helpful.

My broker is very willing to share general Customs clearance information about a range of topics (such as alcohol clearance, auto importing and exporting etc.)

Very happy and please with Ms. Shawn’s professional service! Shawn always answers to our concerns and keep us updated with the customs clearance release of our shipment. Special thanks to Ms. Shawn from Global Relocations, Inc. Team!

Every experience with Gallagher has been positive. Too many to list here! I would like to highlight a special project I worked on this summer with primarily with Kyle, who was outstanding. Neil was my initial contact and helped me sort through the documentation I was provided in order to make sure the customs process would go smoothly here and that we were not missing any documents. Kyle kept me advised of updates and smoothly coordinated the clearances and trucking. Everything was organized and clear, and took a lot of pressure off of me so I wasn’t left to guess what was happening and when, with so much happening at the same time.

Shawn is responsive, dependable and reliable.

Jeff does an excellent job of meeting and exceeding our expectations.

ONLY positive experiences , ALL THE TIME

All the employees at Gallagher are very helpful, positive in spirit and attitude. They are very quick and responsive to our inquiries and also very proactive with handling our shipments.

No matter what question(s) we may have or how many, Jan and/or Jeff ALWAYS gives us an answer. We have all enjoyed working with them. Both are very helpful, patient and always willing to help us out. I’ve worked with other brokers and none compare to the quality of service these two people provide. I am a “Lifer” with Gallagher Transport.

Lycia is excellent when it comes to customer service. It’s very rare that we have to ask for updates on our shipments. She is proactive and thorough. I can’t say enough good things about her. Absolutely excellent service.

Jan is great to work with! She is the BEST!

I really like how Tahnee has my back. She has eyes on my shipments. I know that they are in good hands when she is clearing customs.

I have too many to share! But Jeff is one of the best customs manager I have seen in awhile. I always have random customs questions that I email him on a weekly basis and he always comes back with a quick and helpful answer. There has been several times where Jeff has gone out of his way to do something for our company that in the long run has saved us money on per diem and port charges.

I have been working very closely with Sean. He is very professional and he provides a high quality service. He is always on time and providing all information and always goes extra mile to help me. Thank you very much Sean, it is a great honor to work with you.

I cannot say enough good things about Lycia. She is so helpful and always takes the time to assist even when she is very busy. She is always very positive.

I am new to the import world. Sean is always there to answer and guide me, in what I do not know. He is a very big asset in my opinion to your company.

Good Service.

Everyone is so great to work with. Tahnee is my main contact and she is always quick to respond, helpful, friendly and I really enjoy working with her. Neil is also great to work with and always answers any questions I have. I work with Sue on documents and she is also a pleasure to work with and very quick to respond and get docs filled even if they are late.

Ben is always there for me & answers all my questions & stays on top of what needs to be done.

Always top notch service. Jan is very efficient.

All shipments Gallagher has handled for Pasha GSA have been positive experiences. Even the difficult shipments.

All of our experiences with Gallagher – especially Patrick, Deb, and Shawn – have been awesome. We as customers receive excellent service. This service in turn is seamless to Crown’s customers. You make our job so much easier! When Shawn is away on leave her backup for Crown is also awesome.