Customs Broker Denver

Customs Broker Denver

Customs Broker: An Essential Member of Your Team

There are many policies, procedures, laws and regulations that must be followed in order to legally import goods into the U.S. While it is not required to use a customs broker, compliance with the rules is essential, and most importers find the risk (fines and delays in shipments) of importing their goods themselves too great. The value and expertise a good customs broker brings to your company far exceeds the costs in hiring one.

Gallagher Transport’s knowledgeable and expert team of brokers will guide you through the process, look for ways to save you time and money, and create a solution designed specifically for you. Every step of the way you can feel confident that your goods are in good hands.

We take the time to understand your business so we can best serve you through the entire process from:

  • Filing entry documents
  • Arranging the examination and release of the goods
  • Contacting other Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)
  • Determining whether a permit, license or certification is required
  • Determining whether a customs bond is required
  • Suggesting a single or continuous bond
  • Recommending all risk cargo insurance
  • Assist you with Duty Drawback if your goods qualify
  • Assist with Compliance Reviews

Centrally located in Denver, Colorado, Gallagher Transport can clear customs at all U.S. ports and as a result has clients located all across the U.S.

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Denver, CO – Transportation and Logistics Hub

Choosing Denver, Colorado as your port of entry means choosing a central location with easy global access. According to the Colorado Office of Economic Development, Denver offers unique advantages for importers/exporters, customs brokers and the transportation and logistics industry. With access to major state and federal highways, local roadways, freight and passenger railroads, private and public transit systems and airports Colorado is one of the nation’s premier transportation hubs. Colorado is the crossroads of major Interstate Highways and is home to 14 freight railroads operating on more than 2,660 miles of track. Nearly one-fourth of all freight handled in Colorado is moved via rail. Colorado’s robust system airports – including Denver International Airport – provide the connectivity to worldwide markets.

If you are importing goods to manufacture, you are not alone. Items and goods produced in Denver and Colorado include: computer storage and peripherals, beverages, brewing and wine making equipment, mining and farming machinery, rubber goods, fabricated metals, chemicals and allied stone and clay products, western clothing, transportation equipment, scientific instruments, and luggage.

Gallagher Transport has experience in many industries and product lines including:

  • FDA, EPA or DOT regulated
  • Perishables, Wine & Alcohol
  • Medical Equipment
  • Specialty Equipment

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Personalized Service

Gallagher Transport opened its doors as a Customs Broker Denver, Colorado in 1996. Providing exceptional Customer Service was our business focus then, and it remains so today. When you call Gallagher Transport you can expect:

  • Your own broker handling your account so you have one point of contact available to answer your questions and keep a close eye on your shipments.
  • An attentive and reliable broker who assists you as the importer that your shipment meets all compliance requirements.
  • Our company culture is like family and we all work together to get your shipments delivered on time at a competitive rate.
  • We are happy to take the time to explain the process so you feel comfortable before you get started. Feel free to call us with questions on anything from importing, customs, freight or cargo insurance.

Ready to get started? Call Gallagher Transport today on 303-365-1000 or email us.