Vehicle Export Specialists

Vehicle Export Specialists

Did you know ALL self-propelled vehicles designed for use on land exported from the U.S. require a title validation? A self-propelled vehicle may be an automobile, truck, tractor, bus, motorcycle, motorhome, agricultural machinery or construction equipment. Any self-propelled vehicle must be validated by U.S. Customs at the port of export at least 72 hours prior to being exported out of the US.

Gallagher Transport’s experts can help you determine the title validation requirements. Documents required for Title Validation include:

  • Original title
  • Booking confirmation
  • Dock Receipt
  • Drain & Disconnect Statement
  • Other documents required by port of export

Exporting vehicles to Canada

At Gallagher Transport we handle everything from the AES filing to advising when the vehicle can cross the border.

  • Copy of Front and Back of title
  • Passport Copy
  • AES Data Sheet
  • Other documents as required

What is required for non-titled self-propelled vehicles?

The following documents are required for self-propelled vehicles such as caterpillars, dozers, off-road, etc. that do not have a title:

  • Original Commercial Invoice signed and notarized by a notary public.
  • Original bona-Fide Transaction Letter (we will provide you with a template) signed by a notary public
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Name, address and telephone number of both Shipper and Consignee.

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