Customs 101: Customs Forms

Businesses involved in the export and import industry all understand the necessity of filling out Customs Forms and Documents. These forms and documents are a key aspect in keeping borders safe, providing transparency, executing trade agreements, and the tracking of items. However, [...]

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Importing goods from China? U.S. proposed 10% increase on duty

Are you involved with importing goods from China? Importing goods from China will start to have some changes. There is a proposal within the U.S government to impose an additional ten percent duty on 6,031 tariff lines from China, this is [...]

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Customs 101: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)

What is the Harmonized Tariff Schedule? The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) is a system to classify traded goods based on their material composition, product name, and/or intended function. An important function of the HTS is to determine the rate of duty [...]

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Section 232 Tariffs: U.S Imposes Additional Duties on Steel and Aluminum

Section 232 Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel Importers in the trade of Steel and Aluminum are beginning to experience changes to their business practices after Section 232: Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel took effect. This resulted in a 25 percent duty [...]

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Section 301: Additional Tariffs on Chinese Imports

First and Second List of Section 301 Tariffs Businesses in the importation of products from China are seeing changes in their supply chains. Pursuant to Section 301, additional tariffs are being imposed on products from China after an announcement coming from [...]

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Customs 101: Country of Origin

Are the goods you are importing properly marked with the country of origin? The Country of Origin Marking helps the final buyer know where a product comes from. Country of origin determines duty rates, preferential trade agreements, trade sanctions and import [...]

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Customs 101: Right to Make Entry

Importers know that there are certain requirements that cannot be overlooked when importing goods and merchandise into the United States. New importers frequently get confused with these requirements since there are many sections of information to cover. Among all the requirements, [...]

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Customs 101: Overview of Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)

When you first arrive in the U.S., you’ll notice that one of the first things that greet you is the sight of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). While they work with lots of partner government agencies (PGAs), the CBP [...]

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