Inheritance Shipments

What are Inheritance Shipments? Inheritance Shipments are cargo or goods that you have inherited from a deceased person.

In the case of importing inherited goods, one of the most frequently asked questions is: “Do I have to pay duty?”  The United States Customs and Border Protection have set some guidelines to answer this question:

  • If the deceased was a U.S. citizen who died abroad, then there is no need to process any further requirements, the cargo/shipment may be imported into the United States duty-free. However if the deceased was not a U.S. citizen, then there are further considerations:
    • If the goods were available for your use in a household where you resided, or you have lived in the same home as the goods for at least a year in your lifetime, then the cargo/shipment can be consigned to the inheritor and may be imported into the United States duty-free. Do take note that it doesn’t have to be 1 year prior to the inheritance. This is under the provision for household and personal effects and may be processed by accomplishing the CBP Form 3299 or the Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles. However if the inheritor has not resided in the same house as the goods for at least one year, then the items will be subject to customs duty upon entry into the United States. In order to clear them through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), you have to file either the CBP Form 3461 (if the value of the goods is below $2500) or CBP Form 7501 (if the value of the goods is above $2500).
  • Some items, such as artworks or antiques, do fall under a special provision. The inheritor may import them into the United States duty-free provided the items are at least a hundred years of age. Proof of age is extremely important and the inheritor is required to provide concrete proof of the items’ ages.

Sounds complicated? Too much documentation? No problem! Gallagher Transport will gladly handle the processing of your inheritance shipments. We work hard to provide you exceptional customer service and a hassle-free experience by walking you through all the required documentation. By the time you arrive in the United States, your inheritance shipments will be processed and cleared.  Call 303-365-1000 or email us anytime!