Product exclusions from the Section 301 (25% China Duty) products       

Items that were entered in the following HTS codes are potentially eligible for relief of Section 301 duties:

8412.21.075; 8418.69.0120; 8480.71.8045; 8582.10.5044; 8482.10.5048; 8482.10.5052; 8525.60.1010; 8407.21.0080*; 8412.21.0030*; 8419.90.2000*; 8420.10.9080*; 8421.19.0000*; 8421.21.0000*; 8425.39.0100*; 8428.32.0000*; 8428.33.0000*; 8439.99.1000*; 8466.92.5010*; 8481.90.9040*; 9022.14.0000*; 9032.10.0030*

The * symbol indicates that specific information is needed within that HTS code for the exclusion to apply.

What period of time does this take effect?

Section 301 duties initiated on July 6th of 2018, but federal register notice 83 FR 67463 advises that the above 21 product codes are eligible for exclusion from section 301 duties. The exclusion is retroactive to the initiation date on July 6th and will last until 12/28/2019 (one year from official notice date).

How can Importers take advantage of these exclusions?

US Customs has been instructed that all products* entered within the applicable time period are eligible for the product exclusion request, even if the importer did not submit petitions for their specific product(s). Any importer affected by the 25% Section 301 duties may apply for the exclusion to be actively (or retroactively) applied to their importation(s).

Step 1:
Review 7501 Entry Summary documentation with entered dates on or after July 6th, 2018 for instances of the 21 excluded product HTS Codes.

Step 2:
Call, Email, or otherwise relay the potentially affected entries to Gallagher for review and processing. Please list “301 Exclusion” or a similar heading to help expedite.

How long will it take for exclusion refunds to process?

CBP has not yet specified the mechanism specifics for these entry corrections, and the government shutdown is exacerbating the situation.
While it isn’t yet clear how long the process will eventually take; Gallagher suggests to take advantage of the exclusion as soon as your new year’s schedule will permit.

Do you still have questions about the product exclusions from Section 301?

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