What Is a TIB? 

TIB stands for Temporary Import Bond (or Temporary Import Under Bond) and is a procedure you use when merchandise may be entered into the United States for a limited time period duty free.  Instead of paying a duty, the importer posts a bond for twice the amount of duties and taxes that would be owed when the product is imported.  Under a TIB, the importer agrees to export or destroy the merchandise within a specified time period.  It is important to follow this time period or damages paid result in twice the normal duty amount. 

A TIB can be obtained in advance through a customs broker.  If the merchandise is imported as baggage, it is possible for the traveler to do this.  It will require going to the port’s entry branch (often a different building) to complete paperwork.  The traveler will also be responsible for posting a bond, which generally entails going to a surety’s office as well.  If the merchandise is being imported as cargo, you can hire a broker or make arrangements yourself in advance to secure a Customs bond for twice the amount of duties and taxes. 

You have up to one year to import an article from the date of importation, although that time limit could be extended for up to three years by the Director of the port. Exceptions include parts for trade shows and automobiles, and they have a 6 month time period. Seized “tools of the trade” articles may have the requirement of exportation suspended during the period of seizure.   

The importer must present proof to the Customs port where the entry occurred that the goods were exported.  This will involve presenting a bill of lading with an appropriate description of the item matching the description on the prior paperwork and include serial numbers as well as full description of the product.  A customs broker can assist with this process.  If the item is being exported as baggage, then it must be taken to Customs port office.  If the port is different than the entry port, then it must be taken to the International Arrivals area or the port office and request an inspector fill out the appropriate form.  A copy of this form MUST be sent to the original entry port in order to avoid paying damages. 

There are fourteen subheading listings under TIB.  They are: 

  1. Articles being repaired, altered or processed. Apparel for fashion show - TIB
  2. Models of women’s wearing apparel only to be used in their establishments. 
  3. Articles imported by illustrators and photographers for use solely with models in their own establishments. 
  4. Samples solely for use in taking orders for merchandise. 
  5. Articles solely for examination with a view to reproduction and motion picture advertising films. 
  6. Articles  for use in connection with experiments or for study and who use is intended solely for testing, experimental or review purposes, including specification, photographs and similar articles. 
  7. Non-residents temporarily importing vehicles and craft for races or other specific contents such as motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes, bicycles, balloons, airships, racing shells, boats and other similar vehicles.  Racing Motorcycle - TIB
  8. The temporary importation of railroad equipment and locomotives into the United States used for fighting fires, clearing obstructions or making emergency railroad repairs within the United States.  
  9. Filled or empty containers for compressed gases, and containers or other articles used for covering or holding merchandise (including personal or household effects) during transportation. 
  10. Non-resident temporarily sojourning in the United States and their tools of trade, camping equipment, professional equipment, repair components for equipment or tools admitted under this heading. 
  11. Articles of special design for temporary use exclusively in connection with the manufacture or production of articles for export. 
  12. Works of Art - TIBAnimals, including equipment, and poultry, including equipment, brought into the United States for the purpose of exhibition
  13. , breeding or competition for prizes. 
  14. Professional artists, lecturers or scientists arriving from abroad for exhibition bringing Works of art, engravings, photographic
    pictures and philosophical and scientific apparatuses used in promotion, encouragement and illustration of science, art or industry in the United States. 
  15. Automobiles including automobile chassis, automobile bodies and cutaway portions of any of the foregoing whose intended use is for show purposes. Auto show - TIB

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